40 Summers


Today I turn 40. How does this happen exactly? One day you wake up a graduate from college wondering, what will I do with my life? This degree? Breakfast? The next day you’re buying Mickey Mouse underwear, working on reports that are due in an hour and wondering what’s for dinner-at this point in life there is no breakfast. Time is indeed a Japanese Express Train.

I usually drink dark liquors and smoke a cigar on my birthday but considering that’s my every Friday I’ve decided to shake it up a bit. With the help of my wife “Planner Genius” we are going on a road trip to Rehoboth Beach and an NYC Foodie tour…binge. Ok, the foodie part I haven’t ironed out how we are going to eat at 6 places and not fall into a food coma but hey, “hat to the sky” like Mary Tyler Moore-fuck it.

My brother in law and son will accompany us in NY so we will have two kids-one big and one small with us. My son has been talking about Dylan’s Candy Store since he’s seen it on Ryan’s Toy Review (YouTube sensation, a kid who plays with stuff and his parents record it). So, this will be fun, exciting and I’m sure at some pivotal point extremely uncomfortable. 


Critical Thinker