Follow The Directions


Gentleman, there is huge pink elephant in the room and he is smoking a Newport and sipping Wild Irish Rose. He is becoming belligerent and starting to mouth off. Let’s address this before this gets out of hand…

Follow the Directions.

It’s that simple but our DNA, one connected to great warriors and prodigious thinkers makes us try to create on our own. See this is not a cop-out, this is not a plea of surrender, this is one man trying to help all others into the promise land of milk and honey.

When you buy the bike for Christmas, and your son or daughter wants to ride that same day. Be Alexander the Great and…follow the directions.

The engine light, its on and bright red. It mocks you when you get in the car and laughs at you when you’re not in the car. Be wise, be great, be Confucius and…follow directions.

In a very personal case, when you get tickets, of any kind-pay them. Before the $500 tow fee, before the $80 “process” fee. Before you ride dirty for two years…follow the directions.



Critical Thinker