My Son: The Chef

My son the chef. My son is (currently) addicted the world of cooking. All we play these days is “What’s your order?” or “Help me cook”. The best one yet “Welcome to Wawa”.

He really really “(like really) wants a kitchen. Most conversations these days center around us getting him a kitchen. He will go on his mother’s phone to the Target app or Amazon and look through them. He tells us which one he likes, why he needs a microwave and what he will put in the refrigerator.

This boy has thrown a tantrum, full out, on the floor flapping, and got up and asked, “can you get me a kitchen?”


Of course, we already have a kitchen picked out for him and his teacher suggested letting him watch some kid cooking shows. Since he could walk he has been taught the oven is hot (even when it was off) and it takes time to cook a meal. I truly enjoy feeding him, it’s the one parental thing I enjoy more than teaching him something new. My short coming is I think I’m a chef and I’m far from it but hey, he doesn’t know any better. At least 3 weekdays out the week he will watch his daddy cooking for the family and it has rubbed off vigorously. At the age of three I’m wondering if this is a fad like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or PJMasks or even the infamous three-day Paw Patrol binge?



Critical Thinker