Parenting: The Inside Job

The one thing I have learned to be a fairly universal rule of parenting…it’s all about inside information. I took my son to his first swimming lessons recently. I walked in scared, worried and a bit excited. He loves the water so we are banking on that love alone that he will enjoy these sessions.

I was told by someone that I would be getting in the water with him…

Bang! Punched in the face when I found out that’s a no-go and I have to watch him behind a double sided mirror.

Ok…I’m rocked but I’m steady. We are going to get through this. He goes with the Instructor with some hesitation but then goes with the flow. I’m talking to a few parents there who are deeeeeeeeeeep into this swimming thing, like weekends and very high priced private lessons.

Once we get the cordial part out the way, we get into the deep insider trade secrets of parenting. Once parents link we all usually share info to help one another it reminds of KGB secrets in the late 70s-deep and forbidden to be shared with outsiders.

In five minutes I found out…

-Who the best instructors are

-Why they only have so many minorities working there

-What I should expect from a private lesson (that the company won’t tell you)

-Why we should look for a discount in the fall and winter

-Why the building closed once (not good)

As I was taking it all in I found myself crouched over and whispering…for what??? I have no damn idea! We are sharing the origin of life or the reason they always cancel great show on television!

I left there feeling grateful my son survived his first swimming lesson and I had more information to put in my parenting dossier.


Critical Thinker