The AB Effect!

The Anthony Bourdain Effect


The truth is I’ve blogged for almost ten years now. The other truth is, I love to do it but I’ve never stuck it out. I’ve probably wrote more poems and entries that have been tossed into the digital wasteland than I care to remember.

No pain no gain as they say.

I once worked for a company that I allowed me to work from home 90% of the time. For an early bird like me, that meant that by 10am I was usually done with my work and I’d spend the rest of the day cooking, watching movies and smoking cigars. The aforementioned was a typical day for me. One day I remember watching this show on the Travel Channel “No Reservations”. Who is the tall, lanky, sarcastic, funny, open minded dude? This Anthony guy is like my spirit animal, at the very least he has my dream job. I fell in love with the show and all the wonderous places he would travel. I loved that he was interested in the people and lives of his host country and was always open to challenge a prejudge notion. I mean, who doesn’t want to travel to Thailand to eat noodles for breakfast? Or Spain for tapas and drinks all night? Traveling, eating, learning. What could be better?

When I heard of his death, I was a bit conflicted. I’m not big on mourning over celebrity deaths. I can’t connect with feeling sad for someone I didn’t know well. I’m humanly sad that the person is gone but I can’t burn a candle in my backyard for someone I never met. Tony as in all things challenged that. For him, I wanted to take the day off work and watch old episodes of “A Cook’s Tour” in the dark. I felt his death like…for real. I’m not sure what lead to his unfortunate demise but I wish this guy I never met was still alive.

That feeling of lose leads to this-blog number 3000, all in the vain of this guy I never met. I’m starting this blog because this guy when living, SEEMED to enjoy it that much. I’m 40, I’m trying to enjoy my life like someone pushed record, did a sweeping pan to my face and sent me in to describe my favorite pizza spot.






















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