The Top 40 Lessons That Life Has Taught Me Thus Far…


The Top 40 Lessons That Life Has Taught Me Thus Far…

(in no particular order)

1.       Pusha T is not to be fucked with

2.       Pancakes eat them anytime

3.       Blue Gatorade, best flavor, the dark blue not the light blue one

4.       Karma is not a theory but an actual fact of life

5.       Take the pic not the video, memories are best remembered and live in not recorded

6.       Pay your speeding and parking tickets (trust me on this one)

7.       Watch soccer its beautiful

8.       Limoncello!

9.       Make you/me time

10.   Silences is indeed golden, but laughter is double platinum

11.   Eat foreign foods, the whole world can’t be wrong

12.   Watch TMC and AMC it builds character

13.   Udon noodles over ramen

14.   Sports IS only entertainment

15.   Workout

16.   Try chili oils

17.   Amazon forever

18.   For house repairs YouTube it (again trust me on this one)

19.   Save your fucking money, whatever it is will be there next week and the week after

20.   Learn to question everything, make it a habit

21.   There is a good chance you complain a lot and don’t know it, fucking stop

22.   Illmatic, best Hip Hop album ever

23.   Be nice always, it makes others look like dickheads

24.   All good brown liquors must be left alone, not mixed, no over iced.

25.   Salad daily

26.   Hugs, kisses, all of that

27.   Did we already mention not fucking with Pusha T??

28.   No right, no left, just middle equality

29.   Read history, it really helps explain the batshit craziness that goes on now

30.   Bai tea baby!

31.   People watch and imagine/create their life story

32.   Candles and incense

33.   Buy an air fryer

34.   Work some weekends, you’ll get a lot more done

35.   Always be willing to help someone even if you don’t feel like it, its goodness deposited in your moral bank

36.   Singing or rapping in the car is mandatory

37.   Grown men, use wipes, please end the bamboozlement of dry toilet paper actually working

38.   Pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza

39.   Think about life while traveling 95 south, you’ll find some answers out there

40.   I think the most important thing I’ve learned in my life is that the constant search to learn new things should never stop. It should never stop because it’s meant to be endless. An endless search of finding that “holy shit” moment over and over and over again. Keep going!





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