What In The World!

Montana man, who left ‘miracle’ baby in forest, breaks down at arraignment claiming he left infant behind because it was ‘very heavy’

By Joseph Barracato of the New York Daily News

A man accused of abandoning a 5-month-old baby in the woods of western Montana broke down when he heard the allegations against him in court before giving a disturbing reason for his actions.

Francis Crowley appeared by videoconference from jail in his Missoula County Justice Court hearing on charges of assault on a minor and criminal endangerment and prosecutors said he left the infant behind following a car crash because it was “very heavy,” according to an affidavit obtained by NBC News.


As the accusations were recounted, Crowley, 32, doubled over and fell to the floor. He twice exclaimed that he loves the boy and implored the judge not to take him away.

Crowley did not enter a plea.

What in the world: I heard this story once and didn’t really listen to the details. I gave it the ubiquitous “damn” and keep it moving. Then I heard it again via HLN in the morning and was like “He did what?” The next day it comes in my inbox with the headline “It was too heavy”. In my head I said a short prayer that went a little something like “Dear God please don’t let this link take me to a story about a man who left his infant in the woods because it was too heavy”. It did, and I knew it would, and it made me upset like I knew it would.

My awareness of the importance of mental health often helps me swallow stories like these easier but I truly do hate parents who have children with no intent to take care of them. In any scenario I don’t think I could fathom not taking care of my child even if that meant I’d die trying to do that. That’s not far fetched is it? I mean it would be great for both of us to survive Say what you want and think what you will but we all have children knowing that our selfish egocentric life was dead on the vine. You are number two, from now on to forever. 




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