Dress To Not Depress

My fellow dads, I’ve have a life hack that I’m going to share with you all. This is similar to a grade A investment that may not be needed now but it will make your retired life easier and in some cases,  lifesaving!

We do not want to be this dad…


Or this one..


When you get older, many things will not matter as much to you. I know, trust me, I’ve been victim of this a few times once I crossed the 35-year-old finish line. We are good for dressing comfy and rolling out anywhere looking like we just got off the couch. For many of us, we DID just get off the couch. Let’s have our own intervention if you will and fix this casual-dad-wears-anything-anywhere-deal.

Purchase enough clothes to make at minimum 5 complete outfits. These 5 must be approved by your significant other or someone besides yourself. This is vital! We may not knowingly do so, but we will find a reason to buy some sweatpants and t-shirt that says something giggle funny on it. I understand, you’re not at the point in your life where your trying to impress anyone. That does not mean you have to fall into the comfort chasm never to be heard from again.

Here is the goal, all the outfits must be above the casual line and cannot include but not limited to…

Nike Monarchs, Jordans, jean shorts, fanny packs, sandals, flip-flips, slides, t-shirts with small stains that you think no one will notice, shirts that are older than ten years old, shirts that have small patterned nouns on them, ripped jeans, nor beer promotion shirts.

Fraternity and college paraphernalia get a pass but not in each outfit.




Critical Thinker