Saturday At Noon

Everything about being a parent has been a beautiful learning curve. I’ve enjoyed every minute! Except for…Birthday Parties every Saturday at noon?!?!?! Like, every Saturday? Always at noon? Who in the parental hell created this trend??

Clearly no one who is deeply invested in the entertainment of college football. Or maybe slightly intrigued by the Premier League! Can we move these to like 7pm, party hardy for an hour, then everyone go home and put their kids to bed? That makes sense right? By the time you get home your kid will be dropping fast from the sugar rush and drooling on their PJs. Everyone will be at the party hedging bets on who is gone fall out first.

“Whooop there goes Connor, face first in the ice cream, party over!”

I’m just a new parent trying to make the most of the experience. Let’s work for the greater good, the greater good of Saturday.


Critical Thinker