I’m disappointed more than embarrassed.

Were back from a pool party early because my beloved son threw about 36 back to back temper tantrums before the gifts were even unveiled. A classmate of his who he loves invited us to her birthday party and we missed last year’s so we had to make this one. EVEN with mom being out of town AND it being a pool party-we had to go.

Dad on a solo mission?

Yes! I’m tried and tested, let’s do this!

His antics were a little embarrassing because he was very emotional over every little thing, but you know what I dealt with that. I gave him really good pep talks, I gave him really stern pep talks, I gave him a few million chances to get it together.

I’m sure its hard for him to understand that it’s her birthday party and she is not just going to play with you. She also can swim so you can’t dive in the deep part like her. Or even, those gifts are for her, candy and balloons like you requested Daddy get her (we got real presents too). If all these variables played into your frolics ok little man I get it and I’m working with ya-to a point.

The disappointing part is I really like the family. The dad and I both talk about baseball and golf and TIGER. They family has always been gracious and kind and giving. I know them via work but personally I could hang on the patio and talk to them both all day long. I can’t impart how much they are just great people.

Dad brought me a miller lite in a kazoo for God’s sake!

I’m not sure when my breaking point broke but I know the entire well-manicured neighborhood could hear him scream “I don’t want to go home daddy!!!” On the ride home, I tried to recap for him why we left, why his behavior is unacceptable, all the “let’s learn from this” topics. As soon as we hit the main road home he was acting like nothing happened counting the road signs and asking me questions about chicken nuggets.

He is now asleep (much needed I’m sure) and I’m going to eat lunch. I was thinking healthy, but I may just order some garlic wings and cranberry ginger ale.

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