My son says that all the time.

I want to do it!

Independence is a great trait, unless you have ten minutes to get out the house and it’s raining outside and your kid is moving soooooooooooo slow.

Since he has turned three he clearly thinks he can do everything with no help. Don’t even think about touching his little shopping cart at the grocery store. He actually told me as we walked through the doors “Daddy don’t touch the flag! (Located at the top of the cart used to help keep your little one from running into stuff). He actually told me he wants to swim by himself…count them-three swimming lessons in his whole life. He asks his mom to drive her car daily.

“I want to drive by myself”.

On second thought, these are more like demands not statement. Car notes and insurance hikes will have you wanting to take the bus, trust me son. These little independent almighty moments are cute at times and other times eye opening. I’m still astonished at the rate of overall maturity that takes place between a younger 3 year old and an older 3 year old. From speech to daily decisions it’s all changing rapidly.

As a parent I’m learning to let him do it himself and fail. Then we can learn the lesson together and I’m not pulling a crouching tiger hidden daddy over his every move.

*great foreign film references make take place on this blog on a regular basis

Log this under chapter 908: Let them do it themselves but save the “I told you so” until their at least 15


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