My son will never know the absolute sensory overload you feel walking into a Toys-R-Us store. I’m 40 and I still remember the rush you’d get from seeing over 30 things you wanted in one isle. Also the manic pressure of being told “pick one thing”. It’s like telling an 8 year old to do quantum physics!

I saw a commercial for this game Flushing Frenzy on TV last night…


Catch flying poop to win the game? Am I being a prude? Is my age showing? Or IS PLAYING WITH FAKE POOP DUMB AS HELL. Who’s kid is gonna stick their hand in the toilet to bring this game to life? Who’s kid will be found twirling a plunger?

A smiling poop y’all?

Find this in the manual-chapter 571: Games Are Fun, Poop Games Are Shit

I’m out.


Critical Thinker