I’m a firm believer that sometimes you have the let your kids cry. Things will not always go there way and as hard as that is for a youngster, it’s the cold hard tearful truth.

99% of the time when my child crys I want to know the reason why AND remain objective when I figure out the reason. As a parent it hurts to see your seed hurting but it’s just another stone in the wall of life.

See, I’m very aware that my child has all that he needs and more. He may not “get” that he is spoiled and some what privileged but at some point he will be fully aware that most kids don’t have half of what is given and blessed with.

This is an every growing and fluid life lesson.

There is not handbook to life, we just have experiences and what life is like AFTER these experiences. The same way he goes flying off his scooter and gets back on it will zeal and determination-is the same way he will have to recover from emotional falls in life.

For the past two days he has been living his best life at his God-sisters house. I’m sure with little government and absolute spotlight-like attention. I know, like I know Pete Rose bet against his own team he will have a fallout and the tears will come down like a Seattle afternoon.

Oh well.

Good times end and in this case great times end and you’ll still have a good time in your own house with just as much attention and even more toys.

You can find this in the Dads Manual in Chapter 789: He Kid, Get Over It.


Critical Thinker