My one day work life into coffee is over. Caffeine is a drug and y’all can have it. I posted on Instagram yesterday morning about how I’ve been drinking coffee for the past few days and it’s been great!

Well the last few days were the Labor Day weekend. I was home alone with no much to do. It served served its purpose during my work day, I was Flash Gordon AND Johnny-on-the-spot. I can’t deny I felt great and was moving around pretty well.

Around dinner time…my planes wheels came out for a landing. I actually felt my body switch into drained mode. The only problem was I couldn’t control the plan anymore. I was crashing and it felt like I hit the runway hard.

I don’t remember falling asleep.

I woke up feeling like I slept for ten hours, but only around 3.

When I woke up I feel laggy (not a word but you feel me) I felt very sluggish.

just looked it up, laggy is a real word and I’m not a computer but it still fits.

Now I’m up at 5:15.

Find this in TheDadsManual under chapter 9956: Dads Experimenting with Drugs…Not Good


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