You know what’s funny?

Going to pick up your kids from daycare and seeing 5 parents sitting in their care stalling THE pick up.

Car 1, you have a dad (whom I know) watching a movie on his phone.

Car 2, a mom having a full on selfie-fest.

Car 3, two parents talking…well Mom was taking dad honestly looked…asleep???

Car 4, another mother scrolling…scrolling…scrolling…

Car 5, another mom whom I also know, she says to me “your going to make me go in”. I assured her to not move on my account. She lives in the two child realm and I’m barley making it in the one child side of town. Her car break may be very warranted. I’m not judging.

I’m not judging but I’m laughing.

Find this in the manual under chapter 85: Hiding In Plain Sight


Critical Thinker