It’s the start of September and it’s the perfect time to…Christmas shop!

Every three or four months I find a day to fill a XL trash bag with my son’s old toys. Toys he hasn’t played with in a while and some he totally forgot existed. Our kids are legitimate prisoners of the moment. We have “hot” toys at home, the ones he is currently playing with everyday. The hot toy eventually becomes cold and we rediscover it on rainy days when I open all the toy bins to help pass time.

I’ve purchased toys/games for my son that I just knew were gonna send him to the moon and the most exciting thing that happened was the anticipation of opening it.

We usually donate the toys to the Salvation Army.

Toys out, toys in.

When fall comes I usually start Christmas shopping via Amazon. This blessed little tyrant has four boxes of toys that we rarely look at-tucked in the corner. Three of these have nothing but PJ Masks stuff. There was a very deep dive into that franchise in our house at one point. We once played and sang the theme song 20 times in a row.

Slowly but financially surely, I order presents here and there and hide them in my trunk and I secretly take toys out the house and give them to those that can actually remember they exist and play with them.

Find this in the Manual under chapter 159: Shhhhhhhhhhhhh Toys In Toys Out


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