Even at the age of three, there are somethings that are absolutely 100% Preston.



When in a bathroom with decent yelling acoustics, he will yell and yell and yell some more for good measure.

He will not wear just a tank top, a shirt must go over it.

He will not breathe without a shirt on, no go on the topless.

(Something about shirts clearly)

He will always expect something for nothing. (Oh what a precedent we’ve set right? )

Automatic scream from the sight of a bug.

High fear of owls! 🦉

No idea where it came from but when speaking of fears, owls come first and ghosts are a far second.

When playing, each game will only last a maximum of two minutes. You gotta be ready to go from play restaurant to play school to play hotel room in a matter of 6 minutes flat. 🏃

Wants to help with everything until he realizes it’s actual work. The moment that info hits one brain cell, he’s out ✌🏾.

The grunt. If he doesn’t like something he will grunt. It’s almost like he wants to cuss and does that in its place. 😡

Expectations are funny right? I mean once you get used to something it changes.


“Somethings will never change, that’s just the way it is”-Bruce Hornsby reference.

Find this in the Dads Manual under chapter 67: It’s Like That And Thats The Way It Is ( Run DMC reference for the close!)


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