My work has afforded me to work with many families. There is one type of family I really admire. That is the single parent family. Only mom, only dad, only one. Ladies and gentlemen, I love my little tiger but one week alone and I’m stashing mini liquor bottles under my pillow. I work in the childcare field and I can honestly say half of the families that use my company’s services are single parents. That is a role that I admire because the load or raising a little person is a heavy one, especially if you are truly working to raise your child as an active accountable parent.

Clarification, I’m not diving into why one may be a single parent. Many different variables in that equation I’m sure. I’m simply saying that to be one, your Superman/Woman cape is securely on tight! I’ve had conversations mostly with single mothers who have confided that there are many times they find themselves on the wrong side of sanity due to stress. From financial strains to limited self-care time, shits real.

Mama bear and I have a pretty good balanced schedule when it comes to spending time with our son. We sit and work out each week as it comes. Who takes him in, who picks him up and what days. If you told me tomorrow that 365 out of 365 days a year I had to bare the majority of the parental responsibility I would fly to Russia and find a nanny by the weekend!  

Single parents, I salute you and may the parenting force always be with you!


Critical Thinker