…And so it begins. The official start of “I Want That” season! Every other commercial my son points to the television and says “I want that” or variations of that phrase. Sometimes he’ll say “I want that for Christmas” (hello!!!!).

Christmas folks, freaking…Christmas.

He articulates why he wants it as well: “I want that because you can be the customer and I can be the owner and sell you food” I’m confused, like is this savant vision or articulated spoiled desires. While we wonder where the urge to let us know his endless list of toy department orders is coming from. Inside lies the ultimate preschool parent question….

To Santa or not to Santa?

I want that season-only grows from this point, I know. As a young military brat we used to get Sears and JCPenny catalogs and highlight, earmark, and circle all the toys we wanted. When the catalog came in and it said “Christmas” on the outside we would lose our shit! If you were lucky your parents would get you a Toys R’ Us or Kaybee Toys (way back machine entered) catalog. You could spend days digging in those things. I had a system that would rank Toys by order of importance. Color coded. No games being played, none.

Preston wants everything. Logically I’m thinking this is a great time to teach the age old lesson: ain’t shit free bro! My parents literally would pick a few items from my list and dare me to complain. That honestly did teach me early in the game, I can’t have everything I want and the world will go on. That catalog the day after Christmas was worthless.

Find this in the manual in Chapter 2525: Here’s A Gift, I’m Santa…Merry Christmas!


Critical Thinker