My son as of late has been playing the role of a police officer…

When I was a kid we played cops and bad guys.

I Imagine the preface to that was cops and robbers.

I’d never steal the imaginative joy from my son but it turns my stomach to know that it’s not as simple as he…imagines.

Police brutality, injustice and corruption are as old as the first American police precinct. The proof is in the historical pudding-and it’s fucked up. Not all cops are bad but because most electronic devices have some form of a camera in it-we see a whole lot of bad coping going on.

I’m Black.

I’m not racist.

I’m also NOT an idiot.

It pains me deep inside that it will be my duty (not now!) that sometime in the future I’ll have to have a conversation with my son about his interaction with the law. Solely for protective purposes.

We live a very suburban life and God willing he will never hurt for much but it’s vital for him to know how to carry himself due to the FACT that racism in the blue line exists.

More than once in college and grad school I’ve been pulled over for matching the description. Car paid for, insured, no broken taillights, just locks (dreads) and schoolbooks.

This year I have been questioned about using my company card (which has a minimum of $10,000 available credit). I’m 40 and I don’t like confined spaces-why the hell would I be boosting credit cards?

It’s sickening, it’s scary, is revolting and…unfortunately-it’s necessary.


Critical Thinker