We here at the Wright house are lucky to have three brand new phrases that are getting mucho airplay at the time…

Halloween for my kid may as well be Christmas. He loves sweets so much that I foresee sometime before the age of 5 I’m going to let him eat a lot of candy just to learn the valuable lesson of moderation.

Naughty naughty bird. This is from a show on YouTube-Steve and Maggie. The more I look at this show with him the more I feel I may need to block it. It’s super silly and the guy repeats things 35 times (I’m sure to help the kids learn-ya’know the whole hear it 6 times learn it by 7) but damn he is annoying. I seem to have a decent amount of followers in Great Britain, if I’m off the mark correct me please!

I’m officially my parents. Every commercial my son sees on television he asks for something for Christmas. Without even thinking I’ve let “we’ll see” roll off my tongue. It’s almost like second nature, and it’s a nature I didn’t even know I had!

Find this in the manual under chapter 5590: Brand New…For Now


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