We went to the Pumpkin Patch today and when we told my son that we are coming back to the Pumpkin Patch section of the farm to buy his pumpkin later-he lost his shit.

Here is the deal, early childhood is my field so I’m often on work mode even when I’m technically in daddy mode.

Today, I almost drove to Childfind of Maryland myself. I would’ve sat in the parking lot until they opened Monday to be the first family inside. To say he threw a tantrum is a gross understatement. He threw a mega-tantrum! Snotty nose crying, kicking, screaming, hitting! I had to pick him up like a sack of potatoes over my shoulder and carry him out of the farm.

I popped him three times-no help…

All parents who don’t believe in spankings feel free to rip me apart, I respect the movement, I really do. It doesn’t fit my parental philosophy but I get it.

He fought his mom to the point she couldn’t get him in the car seat. I mean serious Clockwork Orange bit of the ultra!!!

I finally got him in. We start driving out and he is screaming about his pumpkin and not wanting to go home. As soon as we park in front of the house he is sniffling in his sleep and snoring.

He has not moved since we laid him down and I’m still in…shock. I’m flustered because I’m going to not act like he may not have an issue. I have to look into getting some help for him-even if it’s JUST for his behavior. I have to be objective to make a judgment with clarity.

Even if it hurts.

Find this in the manual under chapter 580: Work Life Unbalanced!

*I’m sure this is filled with typos-feel my pain!


Critical Thinker