Dammit is the word my son said.

I say “excuse me?”

He repeated it.

To be fair and not a complete parent cop, he asked me if it was a bad word and told me his friend said it.


He damn well could’ve learned it from home. Dammit is a go to when I juuuuuuust miss something. Example: while cleaning the kitchen and shooting the paper (basketball) towel in the trash (hoop)-but don’t making it. Yeah…a small dammit may slip out.

Either way, we explained to him that is not a nice word and please done use it. So of course he asked four more times if it was a bad word and used it EACH time.

Is dammit a bad word?

Is dammit a bad word?

Is dammit a bad word?

Is dammit a bad word?

I’m familiar with most of the kids in his class, we have a few cussing superheroes in there. One in particular is really big on bad guys “dying”. Playing with my son, the good old “cliff” game. You know the one where the end of the couch is a cliff and you gotta try to save someone from falling in the water. Well the last time we played he said if he falls he will die.

Naw cuz. You’re not dying. You’re doing anything but that: falling in water, falling in quicksand (and still not dying!), falling onto another cliff (again surviving!) falling in lava (you miracle kid you, still living!).

Anything but dying.

So I’ll be watching my own words and monitoring what the crew is saying at school these days. It’s more about him understanding words are powerful.

Find this in the manual under chapter 439: Watch What You Say Or Your Tongue Will Die!


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