It’s the typical weekday evening, we are playing some version of cooking/kitchen and watching television.

I see a minimum of 4 commercials for toys that fart.

The kids laugh in the commercial while they hold their noses. Cute little furry animal like creatures who giggle, smile and open and close their abnormally bright eyes-just farting away.

All my 80s babies, did we have shit like that back in the day? I admittedly remember Garbage Pail kids, cards with little Chucky like dolls that had names like…

Pretty gross but at the juvenile level of understanding it was funny OR It helped create the next generation of serial killers. Distorted realities plus the cocaine 80s made a helluva mix! I’m not sure if I’d find a toy that literally dropped stick bombs randomly entertaining. I also guess that’s why they aren’t advertising them during football games and 24 hour cycled news breaks.

I’m old. I get it. It’s so easy to fall into the bottomless “what the fuck is wrong with these kids?” well.

Find this in the manual under chapter 6392: Farts Are Not Funny, Not Even Old Farts Like Myself!


Critical Thinker