Here is a scientific fact…

The moment you find a second of peace. Your son or daughter will find the most tragic things to experience. A blow out, nosebleed, a random rash, a tantrum.

Anything to pause your peace. I’m being interrupted while I type this. My son said his butt itches…

I just put coco butter on my son’s butt.

The science behind this action/reaction is deeper that any Newton Law created

This is a metaphysical occurrence.


The first philosophy.


If you even let your soul think of peace in any shape and form, you’ve have alluded wisdom. Flow with what the world has taught you. Don’t wallow in the puddle of peace until they are sleeping and for good measure-wait until you hear a snore.

He just told me his butt still itches…

You can find this in the manual in Chapter 2788: If You Can Make It Past Their Bedtime, Enjoy Nirvana Until You Pass Out


Critical Thinker