I am a certified Road Rager.

I’ve become comfortable with driving in the right-right lane. The slow lane is fine with me.

No rushing with my son in the car.

What I have yet to adjust in my driving life is the anger that explodes when someone drives recklessly.

Example number one: if the light turns from red to green. The results of you honking your horn to make me go faster is obsolete. On several occasions I’ve actually stopped or drove really slow after you push your little horn. I never understood what the rush is when we all are going to be stopped by the NEXT LIGHT.

Examples number two: if I have to turn into a lane of traffic, it’s solely on me to decide when I feel it’s safest. Simple logistics, my son is in the back, if oncoming traffic were to run a muck and hit us-he would be the first person to get dealt that blow. So I will sit tight until there is no traffic and I feel he is super duper safe. If that impedes into your super hectic lifestyle, it’s best to find an alternative route. As I stated in the aforementioned example: I’ll just stop or go real slow.

If time is of the essence, then living is paramount. If they can balance each other out, we can all learn to slow the hell down.

Find this in the manual, chapter 5811: Get Home Safely, By Any Means Necessary!


Critical Thinker