Things at home have been busy. Mom and dad’s work schedule have been full capacity and full impact.

I think it is taking a toll on the Chubster.

When things started to ramp up, I consciously made an effort to make the time we spend in the evenings special. Pizza Night on a Wednesday (always Friday) countless building projects with the magnets, Big Cow (Chick-Fil-A) surprise dinners.

And yet still…

Preston as of late has been a bit jumpy about the front door. He is scared to sit anywhere near the front of the house out of fear someone is coming in the door. He seems to constantly hear the door open, which it’s not. He constantly asks for his mother who is taking the brunt of this working uptick. Her hours are wild and I think he is noticing it.

When mama bear comes home he usually runs and tries to hide from her. He now is very hesitant to do anything but run into your arms when he hears the door.

So this is real life and this is something he will have to push through.

We all will have to push through.

No different on our end, work is a vital part of life and until it isn’t and there is a butler room outback, here we are.

Find this in the manual, Chapter 441: Fight The Good Fight!


Critical Thinker