Bezos wouldn’t do me like that…

So the above happened and we are all none the wiser. When I order gifts from Amazon they come in brown boxes.


Not revealing.

Super top secret.

My son can ask all day and I just say “it’s for daddy”. So my wife orders this big super duper dream food truck toy from Walmart and it’s delivered on our door step…in all it’s glory.

No wrapping.

No cover.

No hidden allure.

Just a kid sized bright colored food truck box for him to see from the back seat of the car.

Thanks Wally World.

Listen. We should have figured it may come in the original box. We also should’ve never left the Wright Christmas tradition of point-click-cart-Amazon! Now we are in this harsh reality of its an “early gift” from Santa that daddy has to try to put together and still make his 5am wake up call.

Tonight as I try to put together something that takes time, a hammer, a flatip and a Phillips screwdriver. My son is pacing, picking, prodding and full of child adrenaline can’t fully understand that THIS is a three day project.

We can’t finish this tonight.


More tears.

A bit more.


Find this in the manual under chapter 309: Bezos Baby!


Critical Thinker