Here is a lesson that’s a little harder than others. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Sometimes you lose your shit when you lose.

Especially when your kid is spoiled.

Spoiled rotten.

Preston and I were playing race cars. He won, I won, we were playing together but when he lost…he lost-it. This is a larger issue I fear, the self centered world of my son was fostered by his parents. Bringing him back to the land where we all live-earth-has been a mission itself.

So I talk to him and try to show him, we win, we lose, turns taken on both sides. He puts his head on the ground, whines and says two things: I don’t want to play with you anymore AND you’re not my friend.

Instant disconnection, which even at the age of three I worry about. I’m learning this myself, how to handle tough times. I mean really, HOW DO YOU HANDLE TOUGH TIMES? And when you figure that out, how do you TEACH your son that lesson?

Let’s us pray.

Prayer is first, then try to remain consistent. I mean that’s how we do all things with our kids right? Pacifier, sippy cup, sleeping I his own bed-consistency.

Find this under chapter 7290: “Winners Consistently Don’t Lose…Right?”


Critical Thinker