It’s time for a new house.

We have now reached a point where sitting on the couch with our son means we have to make room for him too.

Before he would just sit where he could fit in and it usually didn’t mean we’d have to move at all.

Now…legs and feet are always near.

I gave up keeping the house completely clean and I truly threw in the towel when it comes to decorating the house. I turned it into the “second daycare” over a year ago. Letters, numbers, calendars, days of the week-posted everywhere.

Space never seemed limited until he turned three and was able to reach all the things we never worried about before. This kid opens the fridge like he kicks in for the food every week . Do y’all have any idea how much it costs to buy Entenmann’s muffins twice a week? He will be four next month and he is getting tall, lanky and his pants are turning into male capris.

The kid grows, the house grows. Find this in the manual in chapter 45, 227: “I Love You But Get Your Feet Off My Back”.


Critical Thinker