My son’s fourth Birthday is upon us. All hail a child that for sure will get much more toys than he needs AND will be sugared up for a bare minimum of three days.

Looking at what used to be a round brown little Chubb bug-to what is now a lanky opinionated clumsy daredevil. It begs the question what can I do to be a better father on this side of his preschool life?

My biggest issue admittedly is letting him have his own independence…

It’s hard for me to not watch over him and make he is good and everyone around him is good-meaning not fucking with him.

Very hard.

I wonder if my hovering is affecting his growth? Is he experiencing all that he should and who gauges that? Ironically this Manual is really just full of questions and shots in the dark. Complete false advertisement!

I also know I have to remain steadfast on educating him at home. I love his teachers but they can’t fit all they need in a 9 hour day especially with half of it being play.

Play is dope…so are scholarships.

Turning 4 is a big deal. He walks and talks, and sometimes talks at the wrong time saying the wrong thing but again, all apart of growing up.

I’m going to work very hard over the next four years to let him grow minus the really huge Training Wheels I have ya’know just in case.

Here’s to letting go of the seat-ride into the wind my son!

Find this in the manual under chapter 1934: You Live And Learn And So Will He!


Critical Thinker