Friday afternoon, school party, loads of fun. I got to shoot a bubble gun, awesome.

Next we headed to a party of a friend of the family. They had it at LOL Station which is the hoodest fun zone this side of Compton.

Dirty place and they came after we left, which means they came late to their own party.

The worst.

Went to New Jersey after that, he was turned up still and collapsed around midnight.

The next day work up early and on fire. Headed to grandmas for a little huge party. It was big in a small place-grandmas basement. Kids, Playdoh and pizza.

Sunday we headed to Dylan’s for candy and funny enough decent chicken wings. Halfway through the dinner he got quiet, the sandman was calling-collect!

I gave him 30 minutes before he feel asleep, only took his 10 minutes on the way home.

Man I’m 40 I need a nanny pronto, this over-age parenting thing is exhausting!

find this in the manual in chapter 76: Is It Tomorrow Already?!?


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