I’m out of town for work, smoking a cigar with my boss and I get a text and a picture from home…

Our Fire alarm went off, scarred the sh!t out of my kid, had the fire department come out, and half the neighborhood come out to watch.

Watch and help in the case of two particular neighbors.

You want to talk about a helpless feeling. I’m not there to help and calm him. I’m not there to make sure he feels safe and his life folds back into its normal position.

My wife told me she went to take out the trash and he came outside with no socks and in his undies screaming.

I’m hurt. You never want your kid to worry even though life promises us nothing but experiences: good and bad.

I text his teacher to keep a eye on him tomorrow because I can’t. I guess the help of the neighbors and the connection with his teachers makes this fear a little easier to deal with.

Find this in the manual in chapter 5801: “I Wish I Was Home”.


Critical Thinker