Good neighbor’s are hard to find. Luckily one of ours happens to be a handy man. My neighbor and his friend put together my son’s Jeep in 15 minutes.

The most I did was hold the frame and fetch 2 AAA batteries.

The box has been sitting in the corner cracking jokes at me and my deep desire to not want to put the damn thing together.

Ironically today I put it on my calendar to complete in the next two weeks. When things go on the calendar they get done but that deadline would have hovered over me like Tax date.

Like an the last day of Summer.

Like the end of a good Netflix series.

Like the day I had to actually had to put the thing together.

Thank God literally.

Find this in the manual, chapter 2540: “God Looks After Babies And Those Who Aren’t Handy”.


Critical Thinker